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Encountered Additional Auto-generated Empty Space in WordPress blog


Do you ever come across the situation that your blog auto-generated an empty space on top of each post that you added? Something similar as below when you check with Firebug (HTML tab – expand the Page > Content):-

Figure1: Code auto-generated an annoying empty space in each post you have added.


You are using the theme that the contributor who either created it or host it for you so that to make some income from your site in return for providing the theme/hosting.

How to Get Rid of it?

  • Look for another theme that do not generated such annoying empty space. Or…
  • Delete the source code that generated such annoying empty space from your cpanel as I did. How to delete? *Buy me a coffee and I will teach you personally* 😛 Haa~~
    • Login to your cpanel
    • Look for
      (i) wp-content > plugins > files under your-theme-folder and
      (ii) wp-content > files under themes folder
    • For more thorough cleaning off the empty spaces, open each of the files and look for:-
      Figure2: Delete those scripts and say sayonara to the empty spaces

Easy huh?! If you know how then it will be an easy job for you. Yo! bro…nothing comes easy until you solved it…

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