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Google Adsense is Working or Not?


Below are some links and information for you to verify either your google adsense is working or not:-

  • Adsense Sandbox
    • Make sure you have inserted the adsense code through the HTML tab beforehand
    • Insert your blog’s url or post’s url or any pages that you wished to test in adsense sandbox and press submit button

    • Figure1: Google Ads found

      Figure2: Google Ads not found

  • Adsense Tools in Adsense Deluxe
    • insert or key in the url and press Preview Adsense

    • Figure3: Test with Adsense Deluxe Preview Tool

      Figure4: Ads been displayed means it is working or ads is found

Why I only saw a blank space without ads?!

Please check whether your firewall or antivirus software blocks the banners from your view. Below are some screenshot on how I change the setting from my Kaspersky Internet Security to enable me view the ads / banners:-

Figure5: Do not choose use common banner list.

Figure6: Insert your blog url and clicked OK button.

Figure7: The inserted url will show under your list and pressed OK button to exit and complete changing your setting.

You should now able to view your banners or ads appear in your blog.


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