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How to Access Database Without Login to Cpanel?


You can access your database remotely without log in to the cpanel to use the phpMyAdmin to access and manage your database. Just some simple steps setting up from your cpanel to grant you an access remotely into your database ease from log in to your cpanel in future.

1. Setting up from cpanel to allow database access remotely.

Image1: Database tab from cpanel

2. Key in percentage symbol as shown below and click “Add Host”. ( % ) meaning allows to access at any places as long as you provide correct username, password and dedicated IP address.

Image2: cpanel remote database access host

3. Hola ! You are now able to access remotely.

4. Oh Wait! How to test so that to show your above setting is correct?

Image3: How to test that it is working as per your setting

5. Just simply type in “show databases;” will do.

6. Type in “exit;” whenever you want to close it.

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