How to Avoid from Custom Duties in Malaysia

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Recently I received a “Notis Tahanan & Perlatikan Agen (PK1)” (refer figure1) from EMS to asked me go to collect my parcel from Custom Department. The parcel is sent by my vendor from USA.


Figure1: Sample of Notis Tahanan & Perlantikan Agen (PK1)

Why My Parcel Onhold at Custom Department?

Ans: The AWB [USPS-United States Postal Service] on top of the parcel show the Total Value of $300USD++ (Approximately RM1K++) in which exceeded RM500 (will be taxable). The parcel shown as “High-value goods” when I check through the EMS tracking shipment page.

Others reason may due to the customs needs proof of the parcel exact value rather than based on the value written on your AWB. In this case, you need to present the official or commercial invoice to make the declaration for your parcel.

The others methods will be, asked your sender to put the invoice in between or beneath the AWB to show the value of your parcel without sending it personally to you.

How much I will be charged on top of that?

Ans: According to custom officer, sanitary cloth pads (HS Code: 6307.90.100) required 20% import duty + 10% sales tax + RM49.80 (EMS delivery charges??!!). Total up, cost me nearly RM450. Woww !!! I get shocked because I didn’t expected it will be so expensive.

What action I had took?

Ans: I returned back the parcel to my vendor instead let the custom department suck my blood! The custom officer allowed me to return it back to my vendor by written “Return to Sender” + Signature + written down my IC in the custom printout form. The custom officer told me they will sent it back using the same method as the vendor shipped to me and the shipping cost will revert back to my vendor. I am not able to shipped the parcel back to my vendor using my own PosLaju account because the parcel did not release to me and still held in custom department.

What I had learned from this incident?

1) There are import rate + sales tax applied on top of the imported parcel / merchandise which exceeded RM500. Check properly for the import item categories as taxable or non-taxable items.[customs tariff]

2) Custom officer required the official invoice for custom declaration. As an additional proof, they also need you to provide them with your payment receipt to show them the exact amount you pay to your vendor/sender in case they do not believed the value/amount stated inside the invoice [I faced this issue as 1 middle aged lady from the custom threaten me that I will be compound by showing the make up invoice with no concrete proof {*speechless*}, that is why I returned back the parcel back to my sender]. They encourage the user to make the payment via credit card through paypal so that to show them the email by paypal as proof.

3) You may request your shipper/sender provides you with a commercial invoice as a proof to the custom department for the value of the parcel. You may refer or download the SAMPLE OF COMMERCIAL INVOICE HERE. It is advisable to place your commercial invoice together with your AWB so that custom officer easy to find it.

Useful Information Sourced from []
Tarif Bercukai dan Pengecualian.
[Taxable Customs Tariff and Exemption]

Penghantaran Melalui EMS[shipped through EMS]
Nilai Barang[Goods/Parcel Value] + Kos Pengeposan[Shipping Cost] = < RM 500 (Dikecualikan cukai)[non-taxable]
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > Rm 500 (Dikenakan cukai sekiranya barang ditaksir bercukai)[taxable if goods declare as taxable items]
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 1000 (Jika Bercukai, akan dikenakan Borang Ikrar Kastam K1 dan dicukai)[if taxable item, required customs K1 form and taxable]
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 1000 (Tidak Bercukai, tidak dikenakan borang ikrar)[non-taxable item, not required customs declaration form]
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 2000 (Tidak Bercukai, Dikenakan Borang Ikrar Kastam K1)[non-taxable item, required customs K1 form]
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 10000 (Cukai atau tidak, Akan Kena borang K1A)[either taxable or non-taxable, required customs K1A form]

Penghantaran Melalui Udara (Airmail)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = < RM 500 (Dikecualikan cukai)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > Rm 500 (Dikenakan cukai sekiranya barang ditaksir bercukai)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 1000 (Jika Bercukai, akan dikenakan Borang Ikrar Kastam K1 dan dicukai)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 1000 (Tidak Bercukai, tidak dikenakan borang ikrar)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 2000 (Tidak Bercukai, Dikenakan Borang Ikrar Kastam K1)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > RM 10000 (Cukai atau tidak, Akan Kena borang Ikrar Kastam K1A)

Penghantaran Melalui Laut (Seamail)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = < RM 200 (Dikenakan cukai sekiranya ditaksir bercukai)
Nilai Barang + Kos Pengeposan = > Rm 200 (Bercukai atau tidak, akan dikenakan Borang Ikrar Kastam K1)

Borang Ikrar Kastam K1 tersebut turut memerlukan dokumen sokongan seperti kebenaran atau Permit dalam kes-kes tertentu seperti import handphone dan lain-lain berkaitan.[Customs K1 form required supportive documents (eg: permit) for certain specific cases for example imports hand-phones and etc.]

Alternatives Solution To Avoid from Custom Duties:-

1) Request your vendor/shipper to shipped out the parcel with value less than RM500 (~$150USD).
2) Request the vendor/shipper separated your parcel into few shipments instead shipped all at 1time.
3) Normally, proforma invoice prepared by vendor/shipper with rather lower value than official invoice for custom clearance purpose.
4) Buy me a coffee and I will teach you how *Personally*. Ha~~

*** UPDATED BY 13 FEB 2012 ***
Will it still taxable if I labeled the parcel as gift, sample, used (second hand) or personal used?

Depends on:-
i) Customs Officers
ii) Your luck
iii) Parcel’s content
iv) Parcel’s declare value (including shipping cost)

Below are some of the experienced I collected online:-

“It has nothing to do whether you label it gift, personal, used or so on. Custom can tax whatever they want even if it is a gift, personal or used item.”

“Customs officers told me that it is by chance. If they opened your package and see that there a tags, they will impose tax based on the value that your seller declare.”

“Actually, duty tax depend on the custom officer who evaluate your parcel. It is up to him to accept or denied your explanation and dispute, and it is up to him to believe you or not. Custom officer have the rights to tax you base on the price that they believe (NOT by the price your seller declared).”

“…to dispute the duty tax, you need to go to custom office. This is not available if your seller using courier service, because for courier service, if any LOW duty tax (for Malaysia, it is RM500), the custom will clear it first and bill it to the courier company, the courier company will then bill it to you when you get the item. Then it is not negotiable/disputable anymore.”

“…get the sender to sent separately in envelopes instead of one huge box. Customs are alerted when there is a box especially a huge box. Sending in envelopes or small boxes are usually passed without tax. I don’t know about large boxes of many items but for one item, customs charge 10% on declared value + shipping.”

Any golden rules or possibilities to avoid or escape from duty tax in legal way?

1. Break the shipment into a few small shipments, said one piece per shipment that not more than 0.5kg.
2. Ship via normal mail instead of parcel or courier.
3. If you do not want to be taxed, go under the less-than-RM500 rule.
4. If its value is high, split the items to the said price tab and get them shipped weekly.

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My sincere apologise if this article makes you misunderstood that I am the custom expert. Please be informed that this is just for sharing purposed.


  1. Hi,

    i will like to ask as i buy 8 units of hand phone from china and its about rm4++ never reach to rm500 will the customs charge me for the tax??… please do advice… Tq

  2. Hi, I would need your advise. I’m planning to get the CCTV cameras + Network Video Recorder (NVR) from China which total up around USD400 including the freight charges. Please advise If the above will be taxable and what should I do. Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi I wondering if a friend of mine want to surprise me by sending an apple laptop to sabah for me. Will this be chargeable? How should I go for this. When purchase and deliver from UK all taxes should be payable in UK right why we still need to pay for malaysia tax?

  4. Hi, my question is if i import a cellphone which is not taxable but need SIRIM permit along with few phone cases which are taxable if the value are more than Rm500. Will i get taxed since the total value of the parcel is more than Rm500 but the value of taxable goods in there is less than Rm500. Thanks

  5. Hi, i plan to buy a Karaoke KOD with touchscreen which cost about RM1300, will i need to pay tax ? i asked daigou to purchase for me .thanks.

  6. I’m buying a dress from US which cost RM1500 but it’s a preowned designer wedding dress. I am getting the seller to shipped via USPS in a box, its a wedding dress so it’s kinda bulky. And I’m also getting it insured. Is there anyway to escape being taxed at custom? Is it considered as a taxable item? Thanks so so much!

  7. How about if i were to buy a watch from a reputable site in US.

    hard to split the item into many pieces..
    confirm price is >RM500

    am i doomed to pay taxes? hmm

  8. Hi i have bought baby’s clothes from US online store and shipped to my US address that offer shipping to Malaysia. The courier is dhl. My purchase was $94.66. My order reached Malaysia and I need to pay custom duties and duty handling fee which is RM112.25. I felt so devastated and at last need to pay the charge. I thought hoods below RM500 doesnt get taxed? Did i get scam or what? Please help. Email me

  9. Hi bro…

    I wonders if u could tell me much custom taxes, do I have to pay…malaysian custom …if I puchase online into malaysia..via china mail or others:-
    1. wireless network card adapter for laptop computer cost rm 100
    2.A handphone rm 30.00

    Thankyou for urr times..

  10. Hallo good night.
    Can you help me with this issue?
    I want to buy a complete bicycle from China, i read in one website, that bicycles are duty free and they are exempt of VAT, is this info true?
    The cost should be around RM8000 and the seller says that is free shipping.
    I would apreciate one of your expert answer.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Mostly i bought from taobao or tmall through registered taobao agent which will help me to consolidate all the purchase item on behalf and sent to me with standard shipping cost. He will advised me if the item is sensitive item then some reasonable charges will apply on top to avoid custom clearance problems when reach M’sia. I very satisfy with their service, if you interested, let me know, i can share their contact to you.

      1. First thanks for your quick answer.
        I would like to have that contact, but my problem is that i don’t understand nothing in chinese. i was looking now Taobao, but impossible.
        The bicycle i want is in dhgate site, do you know if it work in the some way as taobao?

        Thanks again

  11. i bought many things from us since late last year..but all my item is under RM500. In March this year I bought KitchenAid mixer and it costs about MYR1400 including post. in malaysia it is sold as low as MYR2200. so i can save about MYR800.
    But unfortunately, i received that notis tahanan and i decide to go directly to Pos Malaysia Hub near LCCT. the custom guy ask me to pay MYR450 (about 30% of the total)…after some negotiation, i manage to reduce to MYR300. so my total cost for that mixer is MYR1700. compared to MYR2200, still ok for me..but I don’t aspect that much MYR450 for import and custom duties at that time. now i know and will be more carefully importing things. right now i manage to import below than MYR500.

    But xtremepassion i wonder if kids toys is under goods subject to excise or not?
    Please advise me. thank u =)

    1. sorry for late reply…understand from a friend of mine said that if kid toy come with battery… the battery will treated as separate items… tax apply to it… still, depends your toys fall into which types.

  12. Bro, I wanna ask you. Let’s say I wanna buy a couple of t-shirts from USA and the total price including shipping & handling is around RM250. Do I have to pay tax as well?
    And what is the procedure?

    1. My personal experience, there is no needs since it is under RM500. I had make few purchase & shipped from China with less than Rm500, the parcel just direct arrived into my doorstep without worried.

  13. I plan to buy coffee machine from Italy for personal use. Is there a way to reduce import tax etc?

    1. Sorry bro, I’m not working in custom dept 🙁
      Mostly, i will look into local franchise stores that sell the imported products that I want as mostly the shipping cost + import tax to my doorsteps will be higher than the item i purchased which I think not worth for me.

  14. Hi. Thank you very much for this informative post. Do you mind to share with us some reliable forwarding agent? They could be helpful when we run into trouble with custom. I wouldn’t mind belanja you coffee!! Thank you very much

  15. I plan to buy wellbox (slimming machine ) the size like rice cooker. either from Frence , ebay, amazon around RM4000 – RM4800 is this under electronic …. kena tax or not? if yes how many %
    If I buy from Singapore (more experience) kena tax or not? Or
    I ask my friend buy for me as gift than send by courier (any diff from Singapore or frence), gift kena tax or not?

  16. Hey Bro thanks a lot you are very helpful, just a quick question, i am going to go overseas buy clothes in bulk (up to 60 – 90kg clothes) and bring them back with me through AirAsia-LCCT.

    1. Will I subject to the 10% import tax as per
    2. If my purchased value is USD 10,000, means USD1,000 tax need to be paid?

    Hope you can help me, thanks!

  17. Electronics like camera’s although non-taxable, could invite a tax if there’s WiFi on it. It will also require a Sirim Approved Permit for importing communication products… the AP is for up to 3 devices and costs ardRM2xx. So if you do import, u need to obtain the AP first and better if u get 3 devices so there’s value in getting the AP.

  18. is there any one of you can help me to get an agent in the cargo to do the clearance for me
    thank u

  19. Hi

    This is very useful information. Thanks alot!.
    I am shipping from US and the shipments are expensive so shipping in bulk makes more sense for me.

    I am interested in the borang ikrar and forwarders information if you can share with me by email.

    Many thanks in advance!


  20. Good day !

    I purchased a bag worth GBP62.00 (was charged MYR298.00 via paypal)and it provides free delivery. Does the clause “shipping cost” still applicable ?

    Thankies !


  21. Hi there, if I were to purchase a headphone from US which is RM560 after converted, how much roughly will be the tax applied? and may i know whether headphones are taxable goods? the weight is just 260g. I called the kastam but when i reached the enquiry attendee, that guy is so paria that he pretended he didn’t hear me by keep saying hello! WTF?? called more than 10 times with different cells still the same respond, tired and gave up. LOL!

  22. Hi boss i from Johor and i got three parcel held on customs ,Pos Malaysia website show me this :

    Consignment held by custom for inspection.
    High – value goods PPL JOHOR BAHRU

    but i dont know my parcel is held on KL KLIA or 
    Johor , just want know held on where and the address to go…
    and i recieve the letter from poslaju and the letter no show me any customs address ,on the last it say if no go to claim within 21 working days from date will sent back to sender , is this real??

    Thank You

  23. Hi, I live in the USA and planning to get my GF who lives in malaysia a pair of shoes that worths $425. I am wondering if I ship it and declare it as a gift or personal item with assuming it as something that she forgot to bring back with her (she used to live here in the states and recently moved back to malaysia), will it solve the problem? As in the price, I would just declare it with US$ 100 ? Please let me know what you think. Also, will different carrier affect this process (USPS / UPS / FedEx)?

    1. yes, mark it as a gift and make sure all the original invoice and receipt showing the exact price not wrap along while u sent to your gf. Take out all the price tag. Your choice to choose the carrier you want which you afford. Hopes this help.

  24. good thing i found this info!!
    i was planning to buy some slimming products from Philippines (the authentic product sell cheap there compared in US) and planning to buy approximately 50boxes(red brick-sized box). after doing some calculating, the item priced below rm500. but i am worry about the size of the parcel. any useful advice?? (please help me on this, i am a newbie)thanks…

    1. Well, boxes which caused the custom attention will also be held. Custom sometimes needs you to show them that it is the certified product to used with the valid certification or letters. Well, you may call to custom office to ask for more details.

      1. ok my parcel hs arrived but now held by custom for inspection… i did follow the <rm500 and it's not rated as high-value goods… i just want to know, will they proceed with the sending after custom inspection or do i hv to go settle it at custom dept here in my place??? please help me, thanks

        1. Less than RM500 should be void from tax charges as of the date I wrote this blog. As I’m not sure whether the custom rules and regulations change against year by year. As I mentioned earlier, some held in custom and need you go to make the clearance personally to let them see the content inside of your parcel for inspection purpose. Sorry that I may not represent the custom as I only based on my own experience to tell you this.

  25. Please let me buy you coffee. I buy some cosmetics like face powder, lip stick, eye liner and so from korea via EMS. Will it be tax? Trying to buy below rm500 or maybe request the seller to stead a lower price. For what i know is that import cosmetics need license, but how can i get it?

    1. Haa… i am now drinking my coffee. Guess I need to strike through “Buy me a Coffee” from my blog as I’m just joking. I do not work at custom department 😛 Hmm… May be you can ask your shipper to mark it as gift and make sure to take out all the price tag and original invoices and receipt sending to you separately with mail rather than attached together with your parcel.

  26. Please help me.. I buy some cosmetics item which is face power, lip stick, eye liner and so from korea via EMS. Will these item be tax? Thinking if over rm500 will be tax then i will import below that or maybe request the seller for putting lower price. For what i know cosmetics needs license, but how can i get the license?

  27. hi, is electronic stuff is taxable? i want to buy curling iron from US cost me rm120+ will it got held by customs? or do i need a sirim or whatever?

  28. Bro, Im a huge Harry Potter fan and really wanna buy the bluray box set at RM550++. I know I broke the golden rule. Now, whats the approx tax I should pay?

  29. Hey there, you were saying about forwarder??? Do you have thejr contacts or roughly know how much do they charge??? I am like Lynn, doing online business selling branded handbags and clothes. I am tired of going to the custom office Everytime and getting my time wasted there.
    And about the borang ikrar, how do I get it and wat r the requirements to apply? I want to save more on the tax too..
    *please reply to my email if you don’t mind 🙂 Belanja u coffee ok?

  30. Hi, I’m wondering about importing bicycle complete bike and frame only. Is this 2 items taxable? How much is the sales tax?

    ps; the frame would cost USD 1700 and complete bike USD 2000

  31. I have checked my item’s (EMS) tracking and my goods is now hold by custom, their retention reason : High-value goods. I have paid RM799 for the goods I purchased at G-Market online, and all are fiber powder and 2 bottle aloe Vera gel. I didn’t receive any mail from custom, so I just called them and ask. They said I can go LCCT site for self clearance or appoint an agent to settle it. So I’m here to seek for help and advice…. Thanks.

    1. because your parcel total value + shipping cost exceeded the RM500 golden rules. This is the reason custom will marked it as “High-value goods”. For healthy products, somehow they still need the product prescription with medical certificate to proof that your product is safe to use. For sure you will need to pay extra to claim your goods. Still you must face it either yourself or appoint an agent to clear for you. Conclusion, the product to be cost double ~ triple of your purchase value. All the available information I know had been stated clearly as above. Cross my finger for you.

  32. Hello there. I have a question to ask. Does sports’ equipment get tax exempted? Such as spike shoes for running. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks. 🙂

  33. Hi,
    Really glad I found this thread. Would appreciate some advice. I’m looking to purchase a playground set which costs approx USD 500 including shipping. Package will be about 80 kgs. What is the tax amount levied for items like this and what if the item is sent as a gift by a US resident. Will tax be exempted?

  34. Hello

    I’m new to import duties. I have read your discussion above and am confused between some matters. According to the link beneath in my post, import duties for perfumes, watches and handbags with some exceptions have been abolished effective 15 October 2010. Am I missing out something?

    Go to the link beneath and download the appendices from the Ministry of Finance Malaysia and look at appendix 8.

  35. hello, thank you for this website and it is helpful for online buyers like me to refer to whenever making a decision to proceed with an online order.

    recently, ( only about 2 weeks ago) I have purchased a fishing rod online and it was delivered safely to my doorstep within a week. But now, i would like to make another purchase from Japan but from a different supplier for another fishing rod. I read somewhere, that customs can check the record of transactions within a span of a month to locate the frequency of package going and arriving to a certain destination, and if there are multiple items destined for the same location, it would be more liable for tax charges etc.

    Does customs tax duty still apply if we are receiving products from a different supplier sending an item to the same address?


  36. Hi there, i am planning to send an ipad to my best friend from US to Malaysia as a birthday gift. But i am afraid it will be held in customs or my friend has to pay the tax? What is the best way to send? USPS? Fedex?

  37. How about these items below, do we need to apply AP ?

    Digital Camera, Video Camera, Camera Flash & acessories
    Tablet (i.e : iPad, Galaxy tab , acessories etc.)

    Please help. Tqvm.

  38. Hi,

    I purchase shoes from Germany recently.It was sent by DHL.The item is less than RM500 included shipping.Would it be safe for me?.



  39. Hi,

    We’re planning to open a kpop shop soon in Facebook. First question, are such stuff like kpop albums and photobooks taxable? Secondly, do we need to register with SSM? Your reply would be very much appreciated. ^^

  40. Hi! came across your blog and am so glad i read it.
    im planning to purchase clothes from overseas for my online store and approximately its gonna cost rm3k, im a newbie in bulk buying thru online, for sure i’ll get tax according to your rm500 rule, therefor what can i do to avoid being taxed or can you introduce me to an agent so that i can ensure that my package will arrive safely and intact.

    surely i will buy u coffee 🙂

    hope to hear from you soon

  41. hi, im planing to get 1 headphone and the amount is over RM500 for personal use. what i need to do if dont want get tax. thx

  42. I’m planning to purchase few clothes, 3 bottle of perfume, 3 Guess bags and a sunglasses from US and send to KL by Vpost service. Total amount will be almost 500 USD. I am worrying if my parcel will be hold at the custom and get taxed.
    Please help. Thank you in advance.

    1. wow… then I wish u good luck! sure u will b tax if you purchase all and sent all at once… to avoid… pls read again my post and plan for your purchase to better follow RM500 rules…

  43. OMG! I am so glad that you created this website! It is really really helpful to ppl like me.
    My case is like this:
    I ordered 200pcs of sheet mask from South Korea as a start up for my online business (around RM200 include shipping). Then the custom detained my goods. My bf has taken from me porforma invoice and authorization letter (since it’s under my name) and try to get it from the custom. Still waiting for his news now.

    I understand the sheet mask is considered as cosmetic, is it taxable? My bf also mentioned something about sijil notifikasi kosmetik form KKM? pls advice!

    p.s: I don’t mind buying you coffee!

    1. u knw wat… when i asked my sender sent using my own name instead using my company name…the parcel reached directly to my doorsteps. And when i open the parcel.. i noticed that it has been open for inspection b4 reached my doorsteps. While almost all the parcel send via my company name held at custom and required me to collect myself with some proof which i had share in my post. There was once i saw the owner from beauty saloon order the beauty kit/equipment from USA cost around RM1K++ with no tax applied but just to show to the custom officer what is the content inside the box and invoice. For your case, since it is under RM500…u can just said it is sample or bulk purchase for friends and relatives instead of telling them it is for your own business might avoid you with further trouble. As i mentioned b4, they just want to have a look at your content if your parcel lucky enough to catch their eye 😉

      1. The case just got worse, i need to apply for bpfk as it involved cosmetic stuff, in order to apply for bpfk, i have to apply at ssm for registration of business/ company….oh my gosh!

  44. Hi dear, I’m trying to understand this tax thingy before I go ahead to buy just a pair of Dr.Martens from eBay. But , I got all confused now!!…

    If my pair of leather Martens +shipping is under RM500, means I’ll be safe?
    The shoes can be new with tag right? & that must be attach with an invoice.
    Am I right so far?

    I think your page is helping so many people!
    It just feels like there’s no definite answer in this area & everybody says luck is the best thing to go with it…lol…

    Btw the under 500 rules is applicable to everything?

    Pls help…thanks.

    1. For my case, 500 rules did applied but sometimes the custom officers retain your parcel due to curiosity maybe due to your parcel too big or anything that makes your parcel looks different than others. They will instruct you to open your parcel in front of them and show them the content. Well, if your invoice/tag attached + shipping cost + shipping insurance??(if any) is under RM500… you do not need to worry so much about the tax stuff even though you get the letter which required u go to claimed your parcel. Just be very friendly to the custom officer will do 😉 Actually you can ask your sender to take off all the price tag or original invoice attached in your parcel but then in case your parcel been retain for some reason, custom officer will asked u to show them the receipt(copy of paypal receipt/internet banking receipt) while you go to collect it.

  45. Hi, a parcel which my uncle sent from US is being detained by customs. It contains “Toys” only but its quite heavy about 6.5kg. Its a gift not for sale. Is there any possibility customs will not charge me? And I don’t have any invoices with me to declare anything.
    How do I go about this?

    Your advice is kindly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. from my understanding, toy impose 15-25% import tax and 10% sales tax. Duties chargeable depending on the materials toys are made of. Not to forget…they will include the shipping cost as well while calculating how much to charge on your parcel. You may called to their customer service to check and asked 1st. I think u need to talk nicely and asked the custom officer to release your parcel with lower charges. For proof, you may print out the email communication u and your uncle regarding he is sending u the toy as a gift(preferred with the header o footer showing the date before this parcel been sending out). It very depends on the custom officer who handle your parcel by that moment trust u o not. So, good luck!

  46. I’m planning to purchase a designer bag from the US website and was worrying if my parcel will be hold when it comes to the Custom Department. The sender claimed that the parcel will be ship via USPS or Fedex and duty may be charged to the parcel because it contains a commercial invoice.

    From your previous reply, purchasing only 1 designer bag will not be charged. And as you said, FedEx will handle all our custom process until they deliver the parcel to my doorstep safely. So will I still get taxed and need to get to the Custom Department if the designer bag that I attempted to buy cost more than USD150 (probably around USD400-500)?

    Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you soon! ^^

  47. I received the notice tahanan already…i brought some dvd n cd n some diaries from Korea online shopping(g-market) the total value is almost 700…so is that i will get tax right??? TT

    1. I also bought diet powder from g-market and cost RM799. Now hold by custom and said is high value goods :'( I don’t know how much I will be tax….

  48. Hi,my sister sent me 3 coach leather handbags and stuck at custom clearance…i already received notis it ok or not for me to hire pos malaysia as my agent (they will charge me rm49.80). But the sales tax and import tax still not know how much…these bags was a gift for my sister,mother and i…will custom open it and charge each item eventhough the price tag still there?my sister declared item value at usd200…will they only charge 10% sales tax only from the declared value?or they will open the parcel and evaluate themselve the value?how about 20% import duties?will they charge it too?this is totally gift not for sale…

    1. Since your sis has declare as USD200, probably they will charge based on that declared price. Sometimes it depends, if you met with the custom officer which “too responsive” in their work then they will based on the price tag in your parcel and not the declared value 😛 I think I did mentioned in my earlier replied to the reader, each of the visitor back from oversea with burberry or coach or LV allowed to purchase not more than 1 or else to be charged accordingly the exceeded qty while bypass the custom. If you felt troublesome to declare it yourself then you may choose to waste ~RM50 more to ask poslaju declare it for you but they will open the parcel themselves for checking before handover to you plus the charges you need to pay.

  49. i’m planning to buy some clothes from an online website in australia. they’re using fedex. if my items are below rm 500 , will they charge me ? or deliver straight to my doorstep ?

    1. 1 thing for sure….FedEx will handle all your custom process until delivered your parcel to your doorstep safely to protect their services quality….depends on the terms n conditions stated in your AWB either they will direct charge any additional charges incurred directly or call to get your confirmation forehand if any additional charges to be applied. U need not worried about the total of your invoice amount less than RM500 but I can’t promised if your item come in big box as clothes need to pay for sales tax and import duties.

  50. hi,

    I’m planning to buy online fashion accessories like earrings, hair clips, bangles & etc from China. Are they taxable in Malaysia? If really taxable, should i use dhl or dpex to deliver goods safely.

    Pls advise.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Are the quantity big? Are you buying from China supplier to sell in Malaysia? Total invoice amount exceeded RM500? What I do understand…there are some courier services agent will pay for any sales tax or import duties incurred on your behalf and claimed from you when it reached you without notify you at the first place. Some will notify you at the 1st place and charge into your bills.

  51. Hi,

    Wanna have coffee? hehe.

    Ok I’m here to share my experience and also to ask u on the Borang Ikrar by Kastam. I import goods twice per month as i sell designer brands handbags from Coach, Gucci, Marc Jacobs n etc.

    My experience: as i just started business, i take only 2-3 handbags at one time back then when i didn’t knew customs would be such a hassle. Now im using forwarder to have my bags sent to Malaysia and agent to pay for tax (of course with service charge to have them paying the tax for you). Although the forwarder attached the commercial invoice for my parcels, recently my bags were held for more than 5 days (it usually takes 2-3 days for customs clearance) because customs overcharge me for tax. They charge me based on the ‘price tag’ attached to the bag whereas i paid like 40-50% lower than actual MSRP in the U.S. The past 4 shipments were fine and ok. What i gotta say is, it all really does depends on luck. Sometimes if they are super strict, then there would be a problem. I had to provide invoice and proof of purchase to have them alter the tax charges for my parcels. Just be sure u have all the proper documentations to ensure faster clearance. I was pissed that time and marah2 and they did the job faster. LOL. Everything reached me safely, except for the tissue wrap were torn terribly. haihh.

    Another point, yes its better for you to get a forwarder to have them settle the tax payment for you, just need to pay an additional of RM20-30 for their service. My “incident” i mentioned just now is something like once in a blue moon. Rarely happens, but if it does, well extra work needs to be done. But the rest is ok 🙂

    Ok now, im really interested to know more on Borang Ikrar as i’m getting more orders and total value of purchase would normally reach to 5-7k. So it means my imported items will be tax-free if i get my hands on the Borang Ikrar? or the tax would cost lower? Care to elaborate? I would really appreciate your help. Thinking of applying that if it would cut cost on my import duties and tax charges.

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from u soon!

    1. Thanks for your sharing! Lynn….
      mm…. I am asking my friend who got the networks with forwarders & custom knowledge about the borang ikrar stuff or are there any better solutions for you…. so stay tuned…

    2. Hi all,

      As my sister purchased 8 Coach bags from USA and would like to send over to M’sia for me & my family as gift. The total value of goods might up to RM3000. I’m worried i will be taxed for that.

      Is Luxury bag taxable item ? how many percent is the tax? What should i do to avoid such things happen???

      Besides, where can i find those Forwader or agent to help?

      Hope someone can really help me on this, really feel like a Fly without head. Haiz..

      1. I think it should be the same like when you travel oversea and bought the Coach bag back and bypass the custom checking area. Each person only allow to buy 1 and the exceeded qty to be tax based on the amount from your receipt. If you want the forwarder which got better advised and alternative solutions… I can help you to get their contact. But I can’t guarantee you whether will they entertained the home consumer or not….

  52. Appreciate if anyone can share their experience related to custom duties or custom clearance process in my blog. Sorry that I am not expert in this area but I will try to update you all and get more information from those who work in custom department before or now if any 😉 …. So, stay tuned for more info. which I’m going to update here…..

  53. So, anything under RM500 will be excluded from paying tax? oh and just ask the seller to include the invoice in the package?

  54. hello, can i ask that how the process of import cosmetic to sell? I think to import some cosmetic and open an online shop. cosmetic is taxable goods?

  55. can i ask ….does malaysia custom open all d things inside…how to avoid them checking ? any ways or shipping company with this services ??

    1. For my own case, all also need to open for verification and checking. I am using EMS, the cheapest post via air. I understand from some friends, courier services like DHL, and FedEx will help you clear your parcel safely with no worried if you able to pay more. For large qty, you can get the forwarding agent to clear for you by providing them certain information or documentation.

  56. hi. i gonna buy a perfume and some cosmetic stuff such as toilettries (cleanser, toner, moisturiserm shampoo, conditioner and the like) online. did my item will be hold by custom as the total payment including shipping is less than RM500..

    your answer will really help me through this as this is my first time buying online.

    1. since less than RM500 and for personal usage…. should b safe…. as I knw sometimes they jz want you to open the box to let them see see… then will let u take back in case your item hold at custom…… if for healthy products such as medication types then will facing much difficult situation to clear them….

  57. I brought in 5 no.s iphone 4 cases worth Rm1400. Material is plastic only. Held at customs and I was told can be taxed 20% … how ah? Got such thing??

    1. Sorry bro…. now jz saw your msg. …wow… RM1400…. custom knw the price sure going to charge u liao de wor…. if u dont mind can share your story here?

  58. Can you help me,

    my gf bought crocs shoes from China. Do you know how to avoid being stuck with Malaysian customs? They using EMS Currier. She bought around 40 pairs. Do i need to advice the sender to paste commercial invoice on parcel? or do you have better way?

    your advice is kindly appreciated

    one more thing. Do separate into small boxes for less then 5kg each help to avoid customs check?

    1. It is advisable to attached the commercial invoice together with your AWB when sent through EMS. Parcel on hold at customs because the officer suspect the (i)value and the (ii)contents inside the box. For footwear, customs will charge 10% sales tax if not mistaken (go to custom tariff link and type in footwear after select item description in search area). All imported parcel surely will need to bypass customs checking same theory as when you travel oversea, you will need to bypass the custom checking before enter or reach certain country as well as our own country border. It just… will your parcel get charged or not…. You want to handle it yourself or pay some money to ask for trusted forwarding agent to handle for you. May be you can called to forwarding agency and asked their advised 1st before decided would like to get their service or not. Another method is through sending in your inquiry ( through customs webpage to asked for HS Code for crocs shoes. Hopes this helps…

  59. May I know electronic goods such as Camera, Camera lens, Digital Photo Frame…are they taxable?

    What about big electronic items such as a photocopy machine? Are they taxable as well?

    P.S: All these are used item not new.

    1. Camera is non-taxable item. Even if they on hold the item, most probably the custom officer just curious what you had bought and required you to open the box for them to check and see and touch then you may take it back. What I do understand, for used item you may ask the sender put it as “gift with no commercial value” on the invoice or proforma invoice and place it behind your AWB for custom checking. As long as the value for imported item less than 150USD then you are safe to take it back without paying any cents to the customs.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        1) What is AWB?
        2) At first you said camera is not taxable item, why should I make sure it is less than 150USD still?

        1. 1) AWB == Airway Bill => air consignment note, which placed inside the plastic pocket
          2) camera is non-taxable => u can refer to (search by item description, key in “camera” and press Search Here button).
          Well, less than 150USD i meant here refer to…. if your parcel/item send as merchandise with written total value on your AWB advised to be less than 150USD (less than RM500).

          1. THANK YOU!!! You have been very helpful!!! Where you want me to buy you tea? You deserve a Starbucks! hehe…
            Oh ya, btw…from what I understand from you…I have a couple of used lens to send over to Malaysia. So what I will do is declare the item as used camera lens. That’s all right? No need value since it is not bought from US. Is my understanding right?

          2. Hahaa… TQ TQ…Instead treat me drink those expensive coffee I rather hopes those money donate to my blog so I can donate the amount out to those organization or association to help the unfortunate group. 😉
            Well, to declare your item as used lens I advised you to download the sample of commercial invoice in which you can download through my blog and remember to asked your sender put the note under REASON FOR EXPORT: USED LENS WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE and place together with your AWB.

  60. I will buy you a COFFEE !
    Can you please teach me how to deliver COSMETIC products – like MASK ?

    1. yo bro…. deliver?? export?? not import ? if import cosmetic products what i do understand it needs license…. this 1 u buy me a coffee oso i’m not able to help u wor… pls refer to some of the answer posted in which I think it may helps you. Also, if you got time can read some FAQ’s on cosmetic HERE. It got touch about import/export cosmetics products into Malaysia.

      There are many company pay money to ask for forwarding agent to help them clear the goods out or get the advised from the forwarding agent. Sometimes spent some money will makes your business run smoothly.

  61. Hey,

    I would like to know more about kastam tax, can you help me out? i am planning to import phone accessories, such as iphone casing, psp casing, nokia casing, etc.

    1. too bad the custom tariff website is currently under construction, or else you can check either those casing that u had mentioned is taxable or not. If you were to import hp, if not mistaken u need an AP (Approved Permit) from SIRIM + import tax. U can refer to ebay forum here =>
      Mostly, customs will on hold your parcel if they curious about the value of your parcel or your import item is taxable and exceeded RM500. Hopes that helps.

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