How to Claim the Onhold Parcel (Parcel sent through EMS) from Custom Office?

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  1. Show your “Notis Pertahanan” sent by Poslaju/EMS to the front desk at customs office. The officer (there was a guy wearing the poslaju uniform served me) will search for your parcel from their post room and give it to you with 1 printed customs form (I just called it customs form as I have no idea what should I called). The contents inside the customs form that I still able to recall showing your shipping tracking number, sender & receiver information, document or information they needed from you.
  2. You required to take your parcel together with your customs form into next room for customs checking. The customs officer will asked you to open the parcel and show them the item. Also, they will asked you to count the qty of your parcel to make sure the qty is tally with the qty written in your invoice. Referring to your official invoice, they will calculate the total value of your parcel + shipping cost [foreign currency will be converted into RM]. If your parcel exceeded RM500 and the item is of taxable item, they will calculated the taxable amount as well. Then, written on a small piece of paper attached with a number and asked you to wait for your turn to get into next customs officer’s room for approval and signature.
  3. If your parcel is small, you required to bring it along into the officer room. For bigger box, they allowed you to leave it at the customs front desk. The officer will check through their customs books to rectify either your item is taxable or not. The officer will then put a chop and signed on the customs form.
  4. Luckily, my parcel value less than RM500, so I entitled for customs fees exemption. I then need to take the approved customs form with my parcel and submit back the customs form to the 1st officer who search for my parcel then I may left the customs office with my parcel *HAPPILY* !

You may call to the respective branches of the customs office to identify the required documents you need to bring while claim for your parcel. Your “Notis Pertahanan” will show the customs office telephone number.