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Meaning of Travel in My Own Term


I always feel very envy with those peoples who afford to travel with flight or having business trips to oversea. Unfortunately, my work just required me to stay in front of computer and coding from day to night. I communicate with PC more than any other human being in this world. Haa~~ and yes, my communication skills consider extremely weak and I hardly can express myself and my thought in front public. Also, I lazy to explain every single details to corrected those peoples who had bad thought about me. Just let it be ~~ Don’t mind~~

Travel in my dictionary meaning needs to go far far away from the country I’m living in. How far?!

  • Of course need to take few hours flight!
  • Need to pack your luggage!
  • Need to prepare glove, scarf and sweater in which you hardly can wear them in Malaysia unless you wish to become famous overnight.
  • Need to change your local currency at money changer

I like to travel to the country where I hardly can understand their language, no one recognized me nor I recognized them. The country that provide super convenient public transportation such as subway or railway services, best services, favorable weather (due to my hand sweat a lot at all times), delicious foods and experienced the different away from my own country! Where else I can think of?! Japan ~~ YEAH ~~

I will show you more photos in my later posts about my trip at Japan and how fun it was ~~ {まてね !!}



  1. Your dream to visit Japan can be realized if you:-
    1) Working for up to 2-3years.
    2) Weekend can not come out for window shopping or additional entertainment.
    3) Not only control your spending but also control your stomach to just spent ~RM5 for your lunch time. Not exceeded RM10 per day!
    4) Each year only buy 1-2 clothes + 1-2 pants for your Raya or New Year.
    5) Lastly, empty your whole saving for the trip to Japan! Yatta !
    Those are the methods I used to enable my dream come true!
    *Poor people using poor methods to make their dream come true* 😉

  2. Whoooaa?! Japan? Arghh! My dream to visit Japan 🙂 Can’t wait to see those pics 😛

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