When You Reached the Dead End of the Road…

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Make a TURN BACK ともだち !! No one asked you continue to push yourself to the dead end. You are the one who is controlling your own legs. Either you choose to push yourself to the dead end or choose to give yourself another chance by turning back.

Why should you take the turned back?! Continue to face the suffering? Yes and no, because you are now more precautions and through the way back home you will discovered what are those mistakes that you had make and you can avoid. You will try to find and search for solutions to get through all these messed you had been through before.

Either you create these messed or peoples involved you into their messed! You just cant escaped but to face it. How?! The answer is within you. You know better what you want and each of the actions you took will change the situations maybe from worst to better or either ways.

By turning back, your chances to discover and found more paths along the way is high. Be confident and brave! Gives yourself a CHANCE and do let peoples that care for you able to give you a CHANCE too. Also, last but not least you need to *FACE THICK THICK* ! This you have to believed me, as long as you are not giving up, as long as you still alive, you will always have CHANCE to change the situation!

Share with you some parts of the lyrics I get it from nobodyknows+ (err…the band really called nobodyknows lei….I’m not kidding)

You’ll suffer now as you stand back up
But I’m sure you can make it to the top!
Push it all away, and feel the thrill of victory!


  1. hahaha… “Face Thick Thick”… ekeke.. my case is a bit different.. I didn’t reach the dead end of the road but when I was in my road happily, sadly, happily, sadly.. suddenly I hit the huge bump on the road that I didn’t even see before and makes me throw away.. and after I wakes up.. I found out that I am on different road at strange place and I can’t find my original road and I have to move on.. 😀 sorry I merapu here.. ahahaha

    1. good sharing ! Seems like you choose to forget the past and delete all the previous painful memory after you wake up 😛 Or having short term memory ?! :-S But still…. live with the way you want it to be….I saw some quotes saying Live like 2mr is the end of your day then oni u able to treasure today?!

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