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Import Email from Hosting Site into Thunderbird


Followed below step by step tutorial to import the email that you created at your hosting site into Mozilla Thunderbird. Your webmail will not lost or removed even though you configure the Thunderbird to received all your webmail’s contents. Meaning, you will received a copy of email in your web mail inbox as well as in Thunderbird inbox.

Step1: Log in to your cpanel and identify the email that you wished to configured into Thunderbird.

Figure1: Identify Email from cpanel.

Step2: Check for Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server

Figure2: Look for Webmail in cpanel.

Figure3: Click on “Go to Webmail Login”

Figure4: Click into “Configure Mail Client”

Figure5: Look for highlighted area and jot down the incoming and outgoing mail server.

Step3: Add Mail Account into Mozilla Thunderbird

Figure6: Launch Mozilla Thunderbird and go to: Tools > Account Settings…

Figure7: Dropdown the list from Account Actions and click on “Add Mail Account”

Step4: Insert setting into Mail Account Setup

Figure8: Insert “Your name” same as “Email address” and key in the password for your inserted webmail and click Continue button.

Figure9: Press Edit button to make some changes in Mail Account Setup.

Figure10: Key in Username same as your webmail address, change your Incoming and Outgoing which you had jotted down shown at Figure5 and click on “Re-test Configuration” button.

Figure11: Click on Create Account button (this button will be enabled when re-test configuration succeeded).

Step5: Configure SMTP Server

Figure12: Configure SMTP server to enable you sent email through Mozilla Thunderbird.

Figure13: Click into Outgoing Server from side panel, highlighted test email at your right pane and click Edit button. Start edit and make sure Username same as your webmail full address and click OK button. Click OK button to Exit from your Account Settings.

Step6: Ready to Get Mail

Figure14: You are now ready to get all the contents through your webmail inbox and imported into Mozilla Thunderbird. Highlighted inbox under test email and click into “Get Mail” and wait for all the contents loaded into Mozilla Thunderbird inbox. Try to sent an email to test the outgoing server is working fine as well.

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