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International Shipment: Track and Trace Your Parcel


  • Having problems to track and trace your international shipment?
  • Sender provides the tracking number without providing the link to track and trace your parcel?
  • Should I use my own country’s EMS link to track and trace or should I search for the EMS site from my sender’s country to trace it?

NO PROBLEM! Follow below steps and you will see the light of your parcel just with few clicks away using your mouse[Eg: USA to Malaysia]:-

Open this link=> Track and Trace Your Parcel

Figure1: Insert your Tracking Number and press Track with options button

Figure2: The website will trace the inserted number and open the sender’s EMS tracking page automatically.

Figure3: Click on Select country tab

Figure4: Select the final destination country that your parcel will reached.

Figure5: The website will trace and open the final destination’s country EMS tracking page in new tab automatically.

Additional Notes:
Normally, local EMS(the final destination country) page will show “Departure from outward OE” once your parcel handed over to air carrier at your sender’s country. But it also depends on how frequent or efficient our local carrier system get updated information from the sender’s country.

If your parcel untraceable using the local(Malaysia) ems link? Please call 1-300-300-300 and check with the customer service because there are sometimes you can’t trace from local ems link but It do exist in their system. Why? Please asked them because I also not knowing. My guess, their system do not have certain features to handle special kind of item or the sent item did not classified in their system? Ha~~ compare with undeveloped country, we should feel proud living in Malaysia whereby most of the things can be done ONLINE! aren’t we?!

External Link:-
Track and trace link (Malaysia EMS link is not updated)
Malaysia EMS link



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