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Preparation Before Travel to Japan


I decided travel to Japan (country of origin for my favorites anime) by year 2008. Since this is the 1st time I travel far far away from home, so I joined the grouped tour. Why?

  • I can’t speak nor understand Japanese. I will need a contacts who is japanese speaking in case there is any sudden or unexpected things happened.
  • I am too busy yet too lazy to plan for backpacking.
  • Since this is the 1st time I travel far away from home, I need to make sure everything safe and under controlled so that to convince my mom to let me go. Ha~~
  • I want to compare and verify either grouped tour or backpack is better.

My sis and I joined the grouped tour (~16persons) for 7days + 6nights tour package, departed to Japan by early of Sakura Blossom Seasons (~End of March 2008). We decided backpacking for another 2 more days after the grouped left Japan. Of course you need to notify your tour agent earlier so that to booked for different date for returned flights.

Sakura Tree at Ueno Koen

Close up of Sakura

Required Documents to apply for Japan Visa

  • 1) Passport
  • 2) Photos (must in white background, must show your ears, hair must not cover your face)
  • 3) Birth certificate
  • 4) Letter from employer to verified that you are their permanent staff
  • 5) EPF statement
    • latest statement of 2-3 consecutive years back
  • 6) EA form
    • latest statement of 2-3 consecutive years back
  • 7) FD or Fixed Deposit
    • atleast 10K
    • Request bank to update the fixed deposit certificate (embassy would like to see the latest updated certificate)
    • must hold the FD atleast 1year
    • starting April year 2010, all FD certificate required bank certified as true copy
  • 8) Visa Application Form to Enter Japan. Mostly, travel agent only asked you to put your signature on as they will filled in all the required information for you.

What else I need to prepare?

  • Check the weather forecast online or check with your travel agent for the period you travel to Japan.
  • Depends on the weather condition and prepare clothes, glove, scarf, sweater, and socks (you definitely need this because you will need to have a long walks). Tooth brush and toothpaste, towel and etc … of course hotel will provide those for you, just in case it is not enough for you
  • Some common medication such as panadol or paracetamol, controlled diarrhea or stomachache, allergy and etc…
  • Lotion & lip balm – due to the weather condition in Japan are windy, cold and dry while Sakura Blossom Season.
  • Look for Money Changer- check the currency exchange rate each day and get the best rate (by 2008, we change RM1 = JPY31 at Little India, Penang)
  • Learn some simple yet common used japanese languages
    • Arigatou – thank you
    • ikura desuka? – how much it cost?
    • yasuyi – cheap
    • takayi – expensive
    • chi sai – small
    • hiroyi – large
    • sayonara – goodbye
    • toi rei wa? – where is toilet?
    • dou ko? – where?
    • tasukeitei kudasai! – please help!
    • tsumimasei – Excuse me

Those are the things I’d done while travel to Japan. You are welcomed to comment and add anythings in to share with all.

Useful Link:
Weather Forecast at Japan
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