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Chasing for Cherry Blossom Day 1 Started !!!


Day1: 22 March 2008, Saturday
We just slept for 3hours before the travel agency’s van come to picked us up to Penang International Airport by 4AM. We took the earliest flight (Cathay Pacific) at 7:45AM, so we need to arrived at the airport 2hours in advance to gather with the group and check-in (the travel agent will help and guide you on how to do the check-in at the counter). After checked in our baggage and get the flight ticket, we passed through the malaysia custom border checking and proceed to departure lounge and wait patiently to get into the plane.

Day 1 & Day 2 at Osaka (大阪)

HK International Airport - guideline board

HK Intl Airport Internal View

After 4-5hours flight, finally we reached Hong Kong International Airport at around 1:10PM. Again, we have to wait for another 3hours++ before flight transit to Osaka. Make sure you prepare some HK currency if you decided to take Cathay Pacific Flight. Most of the foods sold here are expensive. We just bought a bottle of mineral water, already cost us nearly RM10 (In Malaysia, a bottle of mineral water just cost RM1-RM2). We just felt that each drops of the water we drank was gold even though it was just a plain water. Of course, you may also get free drinking water through the drinking water fountains provided outside of the toilet in the airport.

The transit flight departed at around 4:40PM heading to Osaka. After another 3-4hours flight, finally touched down Kansai International Airport at around 9PM++. Our group tour guide (he asked us to called him 青岛, translate to japanese become Aoshima-san, mixture of taiwanese and japanese, born in taiwan but study in Japan for his degree but not sure did he completed his degree or not, quite funny guy) at Japan waiting with the Ramada hotel shuttle bus to welcome our late arrival. We had been told that Kansai International Airport is build on the artificial island (man-made island) in the middle of Osaka Bay. Unfortunately, we are not able to saw the great sea view along the way to hotel due to it was too dark at night.

Kansai International Airport build on man-made island-Source from Wikipedia

Sorry but I have to protect my sister’s privacy, so you will find her wearing a mask most of the time in some pictures shown in this blog.


Toku Toku Handmade Udon Restaurant at Osaka

Aoshima-san specially arranged the dinner upon our arrival to Osaka at Toku-Toku, the handmade udon restaurant before walked us back to hotel. The Ramada hotel just a walking distance from the restaurant. Unfortunately, we are too full to take another 2 bowls of delicious handmade udon because we just having our dinner (thumbs up for the airway meal) on the plane before it touched down.

hand-made udon

Toku Toku Handmade Udon

The weather was too cold while nighttime (below 10 Degree Celsius) at Japan. Cold wind were strong and dry. Most of us felt cold until shaking uncontrolled, teeth started chattering while walked back to hotel.


Day1 overnight at Ramada Kansai International Airport Hotel


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