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Chasing for Cherry Blossom Day 4


Day4: 25th March 2008, Monday
Today’s schedule not so packed. We got a chance to ride on bullet trains (Shinkansen-新幹線). Well, of course every things had been prepared well even the riding ticket was ready past to our hand. We just need to show the ticket to the train conductors for verification to bypass the ticket gate (because we would like to keep the ticket). While, the tourist bus was waiting for us at the others end to pick us up heading to Hakone which was our 1st destination for today.

Destination1: Hakone – Owakudani Valcano Valley [大涌谷]
Given time frame: 2hours

Pic1: Before climbing to the top of Owakudani.

Pic2: Stone stairs to the top of Owakudani.

Pic3: You can see the smokes came out from the ground. The sulphur smell like you left your toilet unwash for some times.

Pic4: Tourist gathered in front of the wooden hut to eat the kuro-tamago (kuro => black; tamago => egg) hard-boiled eggs believed to increase longevity.

Pic5: View of Owakudani taking from the top.

Pic6: Top of Owakudani.

Pic7: Owakudani

Hakone – Owakudani Valley

After taking lunch, we continue heading to Mount Fuji.

Pic8: Lunch

Destination2: Mount Fuji [富士山]
Given time frame: ~ 1hours

Tourist bus was not allowed to drive further near to Mount Fuji due to the road conditions. The best time to visit to Mount Fuji is while Winter time.

Pic9: Mount Fuji [富士山]

Pic10: Mount Fuji taken while bus heading to onsen hotel.

We then heading to hot springs (onsen-温泉) hotel near the Lake Kawaguchi [河口湖] to take our dinner and enjoy onsen. Well, it is public onsen in which I am not able to accept to take bath together with peoples I don’t even know. According to my sister, you need to clean yourself 1st before go into the pool and the water is very hot. You are not allowed to directly go into the pool but slowly go in and out for few times before soak yourself in the onsen.

Pic11: Onsen Hotel

Pic12: Toilet in Onsen Hotel

Kawaguchi-ko hotel


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