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Lavender Trips to Hokkaido – Day2


Date: 4th July 2010 (Sunday)
Flight: Cathay Pacific – Economic Class
Flight Time: 9:40AM – 3:30PM (4Hrs 50Mins)
Destination: Hong Kong International Airport – Sapporo Chitose Airport

Hotel: Weekly Sho Susukino (ウィークリィー翔すすきの)
Hotel Url:
Room type: Twin (2 persons) includes breakfast & Tax

*Extra charges for room cleaning are compulsory at least twice or three times per week.

After touched down, we go to visitor information center in airport to check for the destination and transportation available in our planned destination.

We purchase the train ticket and take a ride from airport to Sapporo Station (札幌駅 – Sapporo eki). Then, we have to change to subway line (Namboku Line – 南北線 Nanboku-sen) heading to Susukino-shi as our hotel just nearby the Susukino station.

While walked out from Susukino station, I just realized that I forgot to bring the hotel map & hotel address along. I just have the hotel name with reservation notification printout on my hand.

There was a very helpful old lady who would like to guide us to our hotel, unfortunately we do not have the address for the hotel but only the name. We just thank to the lady and wondering which way we should look for the hotel ourselves. Luckily, my sister saw the signboard of the hotel.

We check-in around 7-8pm. After took the hot bath, we take a walk nearby the hotel to look for foods and taking a light walk around susukino-shi.

There were many ramen shops almost at every corner in Hokkaido. We order miso-ramen which is recommended for us to try. Unfortunately, we were too tired to take the photo of the ramen. The store quite small with just a row face directly to the place they cook.

Then, we continue walked to Tanuki Koji shopping arcade. Almost all of the shops close by 9:30pm by Sunday. I wonder was it because tomorrow will be the working Monday so they expect all will rest much earlier to prepare for the next working day?

Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade (狸小路商店街)
More pictures on Tanuki Koji HERE

Guardian of Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade, Sapporo oldest mall

All shops were closed by 9:30pm near to 10pm

Only few peoples walked at hallway

Colorful signboards everywhere at night

It is not the right time to visit Tanuki Koji at this moment so we planned to revisit at some other days before heading back to our country since it is very near to the hotel we stayed.

More excited post to come after this…..


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