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WordPress Installation Details Missing at Softaculous


I am here to share the solution in case your wordpress installation details missing from softaculous in your cpanel but with following conditions:-

1) You still able to locate your blog’s folder in cpanel file manager
2) You still able to locate your blog’s DB in your hosting server

The only thing missing is the installation details not showing in your softaculous. You are not able to do the following action when the installation detail is missing:-

1) Backup your blog
2) Edit your WordPress Installation Details
3) Remove your Blog completely from your hosting server
4) Upgrade to the latest wordpress version

Img1: Softaculous in cpanel

In normal practice, the installation details will show as print screen below after you done the setup and installation.

Img2: Installation details showing under “Current Installations” in overview tab

For some reasons, it may missing or disappear for no reason either your hosting company doing some server clean up, upgrade, or migration which is not under our control.

To make the installation details shown again, you just need to follow below few steps:-

1) Install a brand new copy of wordpress script through your cpanel softaculous. Click Install, fill in the setup form and submit

Img3: Fill in all the necessary setup details almost as same as the 1st time while you done that

2) Once wordpress script complete the installation, you will find a brand new details showing under “Current Installations” in overview tab (refer Img2). Find back the previous old installation email (refer Img4) that sent to you previously and start modify or edit your current new installation details to point to your old DB and old blog folder.

Img4: Installation email sent to your given inbox

Img5: Edit Details: change the details to the previous installation detail

Congratulation! You had done the tricks with your new installation details but pointing back to your old blog DB & folder.

Additional Information:

How to Install WordPress from Cpanel Using Softaculous:-


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