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Lavender Trips to Hokkaido – Day3


Date: 5th July 2010 (Monday)
Destination: Sapporo City / Clock Tower / TV Tower / Odori Park

Sapporo City

Again, we had miso ramen as our lunch nearby the Sapporo station. Extra-big scallop and extra big bowl present in front of us. Price for the ramen was surprisingly cheap. But after this dish, we promised ourselves no more ramen after today.

The wall painting with the flowers looks nice. We found it cross the street, nearby the Bic Camera Store. You can find the latest brand of cameras and camera accessories in this store with cheap and reasonable price. We noticed that the Canon EOS sold here cheaper RM500 compare to the price sold in Malaysia. There’s even a China visitor bought 5 cameras at once.

Bic Camera Url:

Clock Tower

Next, we were heading to Clock Tower (時計台, Tokeidai). It is very near to Sapporo station. We lost our way while tried to get there. Luckily, we were getting a direction from a guy who walks us halfway and guides us to get through our way. Most of the Japanese were very helpful to stop by and lent u a hand.

The photo showed the history of Clock Tower. Actually I don’t feel any specialty to pay a visit here even though the book highly recommended. There are some part of the building required an entrance fees.

Haa… except for this tree trunk I think it is even special than the clock tower.

Tokeidai Urls:

Odori Park just located next to the Clock Tower. You can see the TV Tower from the park.

There were few statues inside the park. Most of the statues were of mother with child.

Another statue found in the park.

TV Tower

TV Tower. An entrance fees is required to get to the top of TV Tower. You are able to capture the Odori Park’s view from top.

My personal advised. Please don’t ever try this even though it is highly recommend in the book. No taste for me.

Odori Park

Flowers in Odori Park

Colorful flowers in Odori Park. Too bad that the floral exhibition held in Odori Park already over.


Odori Park [大通公園, Ōdōri Kōen] Url:


Dinner that we bought at ESTA, shopping mall around Sapporo station. Pudding at Hokkaido is a MUST TRY desert!

Delicious fruitcake.

Fruitscake Factory Url:


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