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My 1st iMac


Each year I will buy a present for myself as a birthday gift. This year I decided to buy an iMac(desktop). My friends questioned me why am I choosing iMac(desktop) and not MacBook(laptops)? Well, simply because I likes desktop-based computer. Another questions come to my mind, as I have been a Windows platform user for more than 10years. I will need to start from zero to familiarize with the new Mac world if I were to buy iMac. There will be a lots of free plugins, downloads applications and software makes available for Windows but not with Mac. Also, I will need to plan and learn how to migrate all my contents and setup from Windows to Mac.

I throw away all those concerned that bug me for few weeks and start to purchase online from Apple store. Whichever problems I may face in future I am sure it is not a concerned once I get familiarize with my iMac. It’s been 10years plus I’m with Windows, so it’s a right time for me to try and explore into new platform and compare. I am ready to be a Mac user!

iMac in a box send all the ways from Shanghai a day before of my birthday. Be true, I am not that excited about receiving the iMac after all as I am busy with my office works and tired with all the problems and worried I have faced. What I really need is a good rest and long vacation that I am not able to have it now.

Unboxing my iMac after my birthday had past. Ha… I kept my new iMac under my bed for quite few days before unboxing it.

Apple wireless keyboard. I would say it saved my table space and stylish. You are able to choose to have the keyboard with numeric keypad as well that will consume more space of your table space. It’s been a pleasure to press on the laptops-like keyboard with less noise as compare to previous keyboard. Moreover, sometimes the pieces of crackers drop on to the keyboard were hard to take out.

Wireless magic mouse. Yet another new experience for me to use the mouse.
Rear view of wireless keyboard with magic mouse.

Front view of wireless keyboard with magic mouse.

Rear view of 21.5-inch LED backlit glossy widescreen TFT display.

Magnified on the connections and expansion from the iMac rear view. Audio line out, audio line in, 4 USB ports, Firewire 800 port, thunderbolt port, Gigabit Ethernet

My ready setup iMac with 1 power cord connect to the power supply. My mom come to my room and asked me: ”Wa! current’s computer do not need another big box (she meant by CPU..Ha..) but only monitor?” then continue with “Wa! Only need 1 wired to connect to power supply arr….” I just smile and answered: “Yes”

Spec for my iMac
21.5-inch iMac
2.5GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5
8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM-2x4GB
500GB Serial ATA Drive
AMD RadeonHD 6750M 512MB GDDR5

It is very easy to setup the iMac. It does not require complicated setup procedures and very user friendly. I did not experience or face any difficult situations while using my iMac ☺ up to this date.


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