Breathable Full Mesh Seat and Backrest Ergo Chair

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Finally, Bristol Soul ergo chair arrived to my door steps. I’ve been looking for Herman Miller Aeron chair-like of ergo chair because I can’t afford to own RM5K++ of ergo chair. Bristol Soul chair is local design product with reasonable price and with full specs. I can sit longer hours in front my imac especially my butt won’t feel heat anymore due to the net type of breathable seat. As well it is well support my back and elbow with flexible adjustable lumbar support and armrest. I am able to enjoy almost full specs of ergo chair with 5times cheaper than the aeron chair in the market.


Bristol Soul Chair Manuals


    1. Very durable. 5years+ up to date still working good. Just sometimes the raise/lower the seat not functioning properly. Suggest you to buy with headrest if you needs to take a nap in front your pc. Of course the seat part not as excellent as aeron chair that having the curve that good for blood circulation in legs but this is the cheapest I found in local that fulfils almost all my needs.

  1. hi

    i would like to ask you about what’s the pricing for this chair and also does it provide delivery service or we need to pick it up on our own?


  2. Hi there, would like to know more about your purchase bro. How long have you been using it for? Any issues so far? I too like you am looking for a comfortable ergonomic chair at an affordable price.
    And also the weather in Malaysia, not possible to sit on Leather/Foam ones for too long.

    Do hope to hear from you! =)

    Scott L.

    1. I’d been using it for more than a year. No issue at all. U can consider this Malaysia made product instead of Aeron Chair :). I can give you the contact number if you want. I bought it from Bristol Penang Branch.

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