Solo Female Travel in Japan – Day7 to Osaka and Kyoto

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Date: 17th Nov 2014 (Monday)

Aranvert Hotel Kyoto (アランヴェールホテル京都) → Kansai International Airport (関西国際空港, Kansai Kokusai Kūkō)
Transportation: Yasaka Shuttle Service
Flight Departure time: 10a.m.
Pick Up time: 5:30a.m.
Kansai International Airport Arrival time: 8a.m.

1, Chudojo- Kushige-cho, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto, 600-8802 JAPAN
+81-75-803-4800(9:00-20:00 every day)
+81-75-842-1212(in the emergency)
URL: Yasaka Shuttle Service
Fares: 3300円 (Online reservation entitled for special discounted fares – standard fares is 3500円)

Mostly, I choose shuttle services that provide the convenient come to pick up from hotel until airport as the luggage become heavier and bulky by the end of the trip, full with souvenirs and items bought at Japan. The fares is reasonable with worry-free service that make sure safely reach airport on time. You may asked hotel receptionist to call Yasaka shuttle service to verify the pick up time a day before the departure or else Yasaka shuttle service will call the hotel to inform the pick up time. It took about 2hours 30mins to reach Kansai International Airport from the hotel I stayed with 15 ~ 20mins short break on the highway. I have 2hours++ in advanced to check in my luggage, return ICOCA card, and shop around airport duty free shop before departure.

Sayonara Japan! さようなら~ また会いましょう!
Wait for my next post sharing about solo trip experiences….

~*~ PHOTOS ~*~

Bun bought at Porta, Kyoto station – breakfast before depart to Kansai Airport.

Maple leaves taken at Kansai Airport after return ICOCA card at JR ticket counter.

Kansai Airport – Limousine Bus Terminal – Is where I wait for limousine bus to OCAT after arrival.

On-flight meals while heading to HK International Airport.

Long flight back to hometown – view taken on flight from HK heading back to Penang.

Long flight back to hometown – view taken on flight from HK heading back to Penang.

On-flight meals while heading back to Penang International Airport.

More Day7 photos in my flickr album: HERE

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