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Cherry Blossom Trip to Korea – Day5


Date: 22nd Apr 2015 (Wednesday)


Busan → Seoul → N Seoul Tower

(1) Seoul, Anguk St. Charm#2 Apartment – Busan St. to Seoul St. via KTX
Transportation/Direction: KTX, Subway
KTX Ticket Fares: ₩47,800 one-way (fares varies by selected time)
Journey Time: Approximately 4hours

[Subway] Line 1: Seoul St.(133) → Jongno 3(sam)-ga(Transfer to Line 3) → Angungnyeok(안국역) 安國驛 / Anguk St.(328) Exit 6 through escalator
Journey Time: 14mins

More details:
Seoul eMap Finder
Subway Routes Finder

Subway shortest route suggested for Seoul St. to Anguk St.

(2) N Seoul Tower/Namsan Tower (N서울타워)
Operating Hours: 10:00am ~ 23/24:00pm (Hours & Admission)
Teddy Bear Museum Opening Hours: 10:00am ~ 22:00pm

Transportation/Direction: subway, bus
[Subway] Line 3: Dongguk Univ. St.(332)[ 동대입구역.장충동02-222(서울)], Exit 6 (Jangchungdan Park).

Follow by bus(N Seoul Tower by Bus details),
[Bus] Namsan Shuttle Bus (Circulation Bus): 02 / 03 / 05
Last Bus: 23:30 PM
Bus Fares (pay via T-Money): ₩850
** Remember to scan your T-money card on your way out of the bus, or you will be charged the regular subway fare once you enter the subway.

More details:
N Seoul Tower

Direction to get to the bus station from Dongguk Univ. St.:
Bus Station at Dongguk Univ. St.

~*~ PHOTOS ~*~

Leaving Busan station….

The busan’s hostess recommended us to buy the famous fish cake in Busan St. before departed to Seoul

Here was where we stayed in Seoul. Just next to Insa-dong street. Very strategic location. Check in Airbnb website if you are interested: HERE
The only disadvantage was the water heater spoiled throughout our stayed even though the host came to fix it. Bad experience as we were shaking all the while taking the bath.

Walked uphill….. Enjoyed the great scene while heading to N Seoul Tower.

N Seoul Tower. First, I thought what’s so special? Just a tower. Then, I was truly wrong when I felt so good with the environment there. Cold and refreshing air, calm and relaxing, great night scenes.

It is worthwhile to pay a visit at night.

Looking for the best angle to take the photo and share out.

Love is a feeling….. it might shade days by days…it might change forms… but that doesn’t mean it is hate.

The scene is more than the photo can described…..

No luck visit to teddy bear museum. So, took the photo from the shop that sell teddy bear’s souvenir.

Had dinner at The Best Burger in Seoul restaurant. Highly recommended the original chicken! Here’s the menu.

More Day5 photos in my flickr album: Link to Flickr photos


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