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Cherry Blossom Trip to Korea – Day8


Date: 25th Apr 2015 (Saturday)


Namdaemun Market ( 남대문) [南大門] → Dongdaemun Market (동대문시장) [東大門市場] → Cheonggyecheon (청계천) [清溪川]

(1) Namdaemun Market ( 남대문)[南大門]
The largest traditional market in Korea with 600 years of history. Namdaemun Market sell mainly crops, fruits, and sundries, but now deals in textile goods, utensils, electronics, local produce, traditional crafts, imported goods, and much more.

Opening Hours:
Mon~Sat (11:00pm ~ 5:00pm)
Closed: Every Sunday

Transportation/Direction: Subway
[Subway] Line 4: Exit 5 – Hoehyeon Station.

More details:
Link1 | Link2

Direction map to Namdaemun Market.
Namdaemun Market - Map

(2) Dongdaemun Market (동대문시장) [東大門市場]
The splendid, bustling night market at Dongdaemun. Recommended to visit at nighttime. Comprehensive clothes shopping ranging from fabrics to accessories. Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district that has 26 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. Fabric and clothing here are of the latest fashion trends in the world.

Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday – 10.30am to 5.00am
Sunday – 10.30am to 11.00pm
Closed on Monday & some public holidays.

Admission Fees: Free

Transportation/Direction: Subway
[Subway] Line 4: Dongdaemun St.(421) Exit 8 or 9

More details:
Dongdaemun Market

Direction map to Dongdaemun Market:

dongdaemun-market map

(3) Cheonggyecheon (청계천) [清溪川]
A 15ft (4.6m) below street level with small waterfalls and nearly 2 dozen overhead bridges.

Operating Hours:
Open all year round.

Transportation/Direction: Subway
[Subway] Line 4: Dongdaemun St.(421) Exit 8
[Subway] Line 4: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park St.(422) Exit 13

Direction map to Cheonggyecheon Stream:

More details:
Link1 | Link2
Dongdaemun Design Plaza: Link1 | Link2

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