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Taiwan 2012 Trip – Day 4


Day 4


Longshan Temple [龍山寺]

There were many karaoke stalls, massage stalls and even fortune teller stalls line up along the way walked out from the LongShan Temple Station. There was a wet market next to the station. Noticed that many old folks like to gathers nearby the LongShan Temple with singing events or chitchats around. Recommended to stop by the famous stall selling pepper bun (福州元祖胡椒餅) located at the hidden corner pathway. They will distributed the token number for each order been placed and have to queue up more or less 20mins or up to 45mins. I am very particulars on the pepper bun but this one was the most tasty I ever tasted. It was so juicy!

Taiwan 2012 Trip – Day4

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