Taiwan 2012 Trip – Day 8 & 9

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Day 8 & 9


Taipei Arena [台北小巨蛋体育馆] → Taoyuan International Airport [台湾桃园国际机场]

Less photos taken for taiwan 2012 trip due to my laziness 🙁 Also, the poor performance of the camera I borrowed from my sis. lower down my desired to capture more. Not recommended to waste time go to check out the Taipei Arena if you are not going for concert 😛 as my purpose was to get to the main shop of ChiaTe Bakery which located nearby.

There is a shop called ChiaTe(佳德 – 不是“假的”哦!) Bakery nearby the Taipei Arena (not really near as we took long walked cross few streets to reached the shop) famous with their pineapple pastry (凤梨酥). I recommended you to try the Sun cake (太阳饼). Sorry, no photos shows here but you may clicked into the link I provided above for their online store.

Taiwan 2012 Trip – Day8 & Day9

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