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Taiwan 2013 Trip – Day 1


Day 1: 22nd Jan 2013


Penang International Airport → HK International Airport → Taipei Taoyuan International Airport → ECFA Hotel Wan Nian [愛客發時尚旅館-萬年館]

Winter in Taipei
Again, we planned for a 7days trip to taipei by earlier 2013 which was in winter season. The temperature at around 15ºC to 17ºC but expected to have much lower temperature at the Southern area of Taipei(Eg. Wulai). I likes the feel reached Airport; check in luggage; boarding airplane & being served for airline meals 😆 except queuing at in-flight toilet, queuing at custom checked and wait for checked luggage. 🙁

My Preferred Airline
Cathay Pacific airline always my 1st choice while travelling oversea. Why? It is full service flight (meals + 20KG baggage) with reasonable price and most important it seldom delayed. We spent 3hrs 45mins to reach HK International Airport. We have 50mins stopover in HK International Airport before transfer flight to Taiwan which took 1hr 35mins travelling time to reached Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.

Location of Accommodation
Most of my planned stayed near to MRT station for easy transportation commute from 1 to another and easy to identify or asked for direction in case get lost. As well, the accommodation nearer to convenient stores.

Recommended to take bus(Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation[國光客運-國光號] – TWD125 per person) from airport to reach Taipei MRT station[台北车站]. The good things is the bus frequently available for every 15 ~ 20mins. It took around 55mins to reach Taipei Station. We bought EasyCard(悠遊卡) from the station to continue the ride through MRT to reach Ximending station[西门町车站]. I do not recommended to use the same methods while leaving Taipei to reduce frequent transfers riding on different types of transportation with bulky luggage to reach Airport 2hrs in advance. Mostly, I choose taxi or airport bus booked through hotel receptionist.

ECFA Hotel Wan Nian [愛客發時尚旅館-萬年館] located at very strategic location in Ximending. Not only nearer to Ximending MRT station, fast foods restaurants, or even convenient stores. The room from the photo taken looks clean but still we got bites by small bugs. The bed and pillow not comfortable at all. Only a pillow available and the bed (too light?! 😕 ) easily move out from the bedstead. Only paper glass provided in the room and with the see through bathroom with no windows at all in the room (feel like stayed in prison instead). 😥

Taiwan 2013 Trip – Day 1

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