Taiwan 2016 Family Trip – Day 2

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Date: 9th Nov 2016 (Wednesday)


Ximen Station [西門站] → Taipei Main Station [台北车站] → Ruifang Station [瑞芳站] → One day Railway Tour [一日铁路之旅] to ShiFen [十分], PingXi [平溪] & JingTong [菁桐]

MRT( 地铁) & Train (台铁)

(1) Heading to Taipei Main Station
We borrowed EasyCard (悠遊卡) with friends that travelled to Taiwan before and top up the value of the EasyCard at 7-11 convenient store. We then took MRT from Ximen Station (西門站) heading to Taipei Main Station (台北车站) and purchased train ticket with reserved seat heading to Ruifang Station. Also, we bought “Ruifang Station & PingShi Line One Day Pass” (平溪線一日週遊券) at Taipei Main Station located at 1st Floor main hall window#12. No doubts, you still able to buy it at Ruifang Station (瑞芳站). Just bear in mind that you will need to buy the oneday pass separatedly if you plan to go to ShiFen, PingXi & JingTong.

Transportation fees:
Took MRT(捷运/地铁) from Ximen Station (西門站) → Taipei Main Station (台北車站)
Cost: EasyCard – NT$ 16
Travel time: 3mins

More details:
Taipei MRT [台北捷运]

(2) Heading to Ruifang Station
Since we purchased the reserved seat train ticket heading to Ruifang Station, easycard was not needed when reached Ruifang station. We only need to hand over the train ticket to the officer when exit from Ruifang Station.

Transportation fees:
Took Train (台铁) from Taipei Main Station (台北車站) → Ruifang Station [瑞芳站]
Tickets: You may either choose to use EasyCard for non-reserved seat/free seat/no seat or purchase at Taipei Main Station Counter for reserved seat
Cost: NT$ 76
Travel time: 35mins

More details:
Taipei Train/Railway [台铁]

(3) Heading to ShiFen [十分], PingXi [平溪] & JingTong [菁桐]
We only chose to visit ShiFen, PingXi & JingTong. You may ride on the train back and ford from Ruifang[瑞芳] ←8 mins→ Houtong[侯硐] ←5 mins→ Santiaoling[三貂嶺] ←7 mins→ Dahua[大華] ←6 mins→ Shifen[十分] ←9 mins→ Wanggu[望古] ←5 mins→ Lingjiao[嶺腳] ←3 mins→ Pingxi[平溪] ←5 mins→ Jingtong[菁桐] as you like with one day pass. We then ended railway day tour & returned to Ruifang Station. Again, bought the reserved train seat & got back to Taipei Main Station.

Transportation fees:
Ruifang Station → ShiFen [十分], PingXi [平溪] & JingTong [菁桐] using PingShi Line One Day Pass (平溪線一日週遊券)
Cost: NT$ 80

Taiwan 2016 Family Trip – Day 2

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