Guide to Reserve Limousine Bus in Kyoto Station for Kansai Airport

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Kyoto Station to Kansai Airport Limousine Bus Information Center
Noticed that many visitors have difficulty in finding their way to reserve the Kansai Airport Limousine Bus at Kyoto Station. Your worried solved, refer to this best guide on how to get to Kyoto Kansai Airport Limousine Bus Information Center that located next to Hotel Keihan Kyoto Grande to make your reservation back to Airport.

The guide will walk you through JR Kyoto Station Subway path heading to Limousine Bus Information Center that located in between Hotel Keihan Kyoto Grande and Kyoto Avanti Building (Shopping Mall).

Summary of Steps Guide from JR Kyoto Station Subway to Reserve Airport Limousine Bus

  • Kyoto Station Central Gate turn right.
  • Locate for Kyoto Station JR Subway K11 Exit#6 (Staircase) or Exit#5 (Staircase or Lift).
  • JR Subway Exit #6 just located opposite of Exit #5. From Exit #5, turn Left and go straight.
  • Follow platform signboard heading to Hachijoguchi or Avanti direction.

My Experience Reserved the Kansai Airport Limousine Bus through KKDay Online Travel Agent website
It is much cheaper to purchase the One Way Airport Limousine bus ticket from Kyoto to Kansai Airport through KKDAY Online Travel Agent website than direct purchase at Kyoto Station Limousine Bus Information Center. Why? This is due to the currency conversion rate in Taiwan Dollars. Take notes that KKDAY currency conversion in TWD while KLOOK currency conversion in USD. Hence, you may find KLOOK travel package relatively much pricey.

Customer service wise, KLOOK advanced than KKDAY with their online chat services while KKDAY only available through email. Though, if you are able to get discounted voucher then you may ignore my review for both online travel agent package.

However, I not recommend to purchase the return (to & back) Airport Limousine Bus ticket through KKDAY travel agent. It is relatively cheaper to purchase One Way ticket from KIX to Osaka/Kyoto through the Bus Ticket Vending Machine in Airport Terminal. You may refer to my guide on how to purchase the airport limousine bus ticket through vending machine at KIX Terminal 1 to OCAT.

My next concerned after purchased the limousine bus ticket online was I needs to find my way to picked up/claimed the tickets at their designated counter in OCAT at my preferred date. The customer service not going to help you reserved the exact date & time back to airport instead they will tell you to call or present yourself personally at the limousine bus information center to make the reservation. The seat is first come first served basis if no reservation been make in advanced.

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