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I found this interesting website (get4X) which allow me to locate for the nearest money changer outlets in KL, Penang & Johor to exchange currencies. The most attractive feature I like about this website is that it allow me to check and compare the exchange rate offered from different money changer online provided must sign in to either facebook or google account.

For say, I would like to search for the best exchange rate of RM1000 (MYR) in Japanese Yen currency at Penang.

Choose Penang as Destinations besides the home logo or type in Penang into the Enter your location input box at the center of the website.

Scroll down after the page refreshed. (1) Input 1000 and Select MYR, (2) Select and Search for Japanese Yen, (3) Click FIND OUT WHERE blue button, OR Click OUTBOUND tab at right & Select Japanese Yen from the tab. It will redirected to the result page as shown at below screenshot.

It lists out each available money changer with the latest exchange rate. Another great feature provided in this website by hover over the result list to get the location for the selected money changer via google map.

Hopes you find it useful and share out to your friends who needs it. 🙂

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