Cheapest Way to Pay Car Insurance and Road Tax Online

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Ever thought to renew your car insurance and road tax online and save hundred of additional costs? I did!

Each year, I tends to pass my car or *vehicle ownership certificate, VOC (or known as “car grant”) to my agent for car insurance and road tax renewal as long as the agent help me ease up all the possible trouble it may caused within the process of car insurance and road tax renewal.

*New vehicle registered started 1st June 2016 – Vehicle Ownership Certificate, VOC to replace Car Grant

Somehow, online services become very common in our daily routines and most of the transactions or services can be done securely online without needed to present in person at certain government counter. Every since 2 years ago, I started to renew car insurance & road tax online which save me out of RM100++ of pocket money. I decided to choose AIG Malaysia Insurance after compare few quotation given by Etiqa Maybank car insurance, AIA Motor Insurance, Tokio Marine Insurance, Zurich Insurance, and AXA Car Insurance.

AIG meet most of my requirements with their smart system mechanism to evaluate my car’s value at the said period. Furthermore, their service entitled for 10% discounted premium rate which attracted my attention the most. AIG as well collaborate with MYEG for road tax renewal services. The road tax renewal become easier with just a click away through their system and sent to the home address without additional postage charges.

No doubts, at first you will need to spend some time to input all the details(all details can be found in VOC/Car Grant). Next renewal procedure will be much more simpler as their system will auto sent out the reminder notification. As well, You may contact customer service to request for a new quotation with the policy number earlier than the reminder notification. Overall, the customer service are very helpful & satisfactory.

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