Guide from Osaka to Koyasan

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Follow me with details direction guidelines travel to Koyasan Japan (高野山) – UNESCO World Heritage Site in Wakayama Prefecture (和歌山県) to the south of Osaka. I will guide you through a day trip to Mount Koya that located on an 800 meters high plain amid eight peaks of the mountain to enjoy peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with refreshing air that away from busy life that give you peace of minds.

How to get to Koyasan
Refer to this travel step guides from Osaka to Koyasan via Nankai Line and utilised the discounted ticket of either Kansai Through Pass or Koyasan World Heritage Ticket to plan for a day trip. Some temples in Japan offer temple lodgings or known as shukubo (宿坊) in popular pilgrimage destination for tourists to experience a day of temple stay.

A must see famous spots
Famous world heritage site such as Kongobuji (金剛峯寺), Danjo Garan (壇上伽藍), Konpon Daito (根本大塔), Okunoin (奥の院) cemetery covered with an enchanted forest of ancient towering cedar trees, and Daimon (大門) reflected the uniqueness of these remarkable crafted architecture marks the cultural legacies of the Renaissance. Refer to this useful Koyasan Map to plan for your visit spot.

Summary of Steps Guide from Osaka to Koyasan:

  • Walk from Namba Station to Nankai Namba Station.
  • Take Nankai Train from Nankai Namba Station to Gokurakubashi Station.
  • Take Cable Car from Gokurakubashi Station to Koyasan Station.
  • Take Nankai Rinkan Bus to Koyasan World Heritage Sites.

Wait no more, refer to below presentation slides on steps by steps direction guide in details from Namba Station (なんば駅) to Koyasan (高野山) via Nankai train, Cable Car, & Nankai Rinkan Bus.

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Koyasan Japan Photos

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