About Me

I am the developer cum business owner for LE Lady Store (leladystore.com), the online web store specialized in providing the ladies washable menstrual pads.

A Little History about myself

Previously, I work as a sales admin cum purchaser in a trading company after completed my diploma to earn my school fees to complete my degree in Information System Engineering.  I then hold the position as a system analyst,  an application developer,  a C# developer, and a freelancer after left university until current year I decided to take up the risk to try out my long time passion to set up an online front store.

I am the kind of person able to sit long hour in front of PC and doing research or coding until my mom begging me to take my lunch and dinner. I don’t like to waste my time, also do not have extra money hanging out with friends and family while weekend to do window shopping. But I dare to spent my whole saving travel oversea.

Why I decided to go for Blogging?

Of course, I would like to share my experiences, my thoughts, my view points to peoples around me and the world, also to make some verification about blogging do earn extra money into your pocket!


All the contents under this blog is not intends to offend or violate any party I had mentioned but just for sharing and express my thoughts. Different peoples used different feeling and moods while viewing the contents might have different thoughts and views which is out of my control.

Hopes you find my blog useful and enjoy your reading. You are most welcome to sent me any comments or feedback @ tjiuan33@streamyx.com (ljlee@leladystore.com).


  1. Hi there,

    Something has been troubling me for days and I can’t wait to seek for help from you.
    My phone is spoiling anytime soon. Hence, my friend is willing to send me the new to-be-released iPhone 7 from the United States. Do you think I can make it without getting the 20-30% tax?

    I plan to remove the box that comes with the phone, wrap the phone with ordinary box and present paper, label it as a gift and declare its value to be less than 500.
    My friend is sending only 1 phone.
    Do you think it will works?

    1. Opps… I believed you had received your parcel before my replied. I think it should be no problem. Each day custom busy to inspect a lots of items but if by chance your items causing beeps through their scan system or they are curious with the parcel contents then only on hold.

  2. Recently out of love a friend sent in a parcel to my girlfriend with ladies gift and cash. and parcel arrived suppose to sent directly to post addresses,
    suddenly custom say must pay clearance tax, follow money laundry clearance,then insurance,then pay terrorist funding certificte clerance and end up sum payment involve,only their will delivery the parcel, ? OUESTION is this how it operate in this way,

    1. Late replied again 🙁 … My friend and myself did received cash without any problems. I would say it was by LUCKS 😀
      My friend’s cash wrapped with tin/aluminium foil while the 1 I received just hold between some documents.

  3. Hi, I’ve read one of your post about avoiding custom tax. It’s helpful, but I’ve a problem and hopefully I can take some of your time to read about this and advise me on this matter. I’ve bought some clothing from Japan, and I want to ship it. The total cost is around RM300+ and with shipping cost; which I haven’t choose it yet, there’s EMS RM200+, and as for Fedex Priority and Economy, RM150+ and RM120+ I’m deciding to declare the value a bit lower to not exceed RM500. Which shipping option would you recommend me to go for? EMS or Fedex? Is it a 100% sure thing that I’ll be taxed for using Fedex? Even if it doesn’t exceed RM500 as I’ve heard that sometimes they add freight cost to the parcel, making the value higher than it was, and I can’t ship it separately as I’ve combined it already. Thanks for reading this.

    1. Sorry for late replied. Ideally, you should be worried free as long as your complete shipping value(total purchase amount + Insurance + Freight Charges) less than RM500. Still, there are some odd cases for say the parcel’s weight or volumetric is bigger, custom officer will based on their experiences and judgement to on hold the parcel. (Touch woods) IF parcel been on hold:- (i) For EMS/Poslaju, you will first get a letter notification then you may needs to claim your parcel personally or pay some amount to poslaju service whom help you to declare it. (ii) For FedEx, the courier personal will direct claim on your behalf without asking you upfront and direct charge to you when reach your door steps.

      I have an experienced a year back before purchased fleece jacket shipped from Spain with total CIF cost less than RM500 (around RM300) but still been charged with import duties ~RM90+ claimed by DHL courier service when reach my door steps.

      So, good luck!

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